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Fire Kettle  - Terms & Conditions - By booking our events you agree to the T&C's as listed below.

Anne Marriner - 07902 151850

Email –

Payment will be requested at the time we send you a booking confirmation once we have received your completed application.  We request that your payment is sent as a cheque made payable to Abercoombe Silver or by BACS payment for the event.  If you fail to send either cheques or BACS payments within the required time frame, you forfeit the right to have a pitch held for you.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations by you will be refunded in full up to four weeks before the event. Up to two weeks before the start of the first day of the event, a 50% refund will be made. After that, no refund is given.  Please note, that for all bookings, if a refund has to be processed due to a stallholder cancellation, then a £5 administration fee will be deducted. Whether you are eligible for a refund or not, please let us know if you will not be attending, so that we can arrange the layout without leaving unsightly empty pitches. If you need to advise us of cancellation in the 48 hours prior to an event please notify us on our mobiles – our voicemails will be active so please ring at any time, day or night. Failure to advise us that you will not be attending an event will result in any future pitches being cancelled. As long as the event goes ahead, no compensation will be given in the event of adverse weather conditions, poor attendance or sales, or in the event of any other circumstances which may occur outside our control. If the event is cancelled by us, a full refund will be made

Paperwork and Insurance
Pitches will not be reserved for any participant until the appropriate paperwork and payment has been completed, received and checked by us.  We urge all stallholders to have Public Liability Insurance in place and we will request a copy of your insurance with your payment.  If you do not currently have insurance we can recommend our brokers, G.M. Imber & Sons Insurance Ltd, of East Grinstead.  Ask for the marketinsure starter package

You will be advised of set-up and clear-down instructions one week before an event.  We allow at least two hours prior to the start of an event for set up and at least one hour clear-down time afterwards. It is also possible to set up the day before an event.  If you are running late on the day, please telephone one of our mobiles as soon as you know there is a problem.  YOU MUST NOT BEGIN TO TAKE DOWN YOUR STALL or cease trading prior to the advertised finish time without our permission, it’s unfair to the visitors and other stallholders.  Any participant who leaves before the advertised finish time may forfeit the right to apply for any events in the future.

All instructions with regard to parking will be issued to you at least one week prior to an event.  It is imperative that you move your car as per our instructions to the designated stallholder parking area once you have unloaded and prior to setting up your stall – thus allowing other stallholders easy access for unloading and customers good access once the event starts.

Event Layout & Pitch Space
We will not enter into discussions about your allocated pitch on the day of the event.  The layout is planned in the run up to an event and all requests made on booking forms are considered and granted where possible.  You will have a gap at one end of your pitch for access.  This gap must not be filled with products as it may also provide access for your neighbour.  You are able to book your pitch by the metre, so we would expect you to fill only that sized pitch unless directed otherwise by us.  If you use more space than you’ve been authorised (width and/or depth), you will be asked to reduce the size of your display immediately or, if appropriate, pay an additional space hire fee. Safety, fairness and ease of visitor access are our main concerns.  Any territory disputes with your neighbours should be brought to our attention.  Chair hire is included in your pitch fee.  Tables are available to hire at an additional cost and should be ordered on your application form or prior to the event, not on arrival.  All rubbish must be taken away from your pitch at the end of the event.  Any rubbish left without permission will be chargeable.  We also require all stallholders to have table coverings that reach to the floor therefore covering items stored under your table.  We also require stallholders to have a waterproof covering available for the duration of an event.  Stallholders must only use their allocated pitch space, seating or product storage must not be placed into communal areas such as the visitor walkways.

Health & Safety
Fire evacuation procedures will be sent out in the set up email one week prior to an event and fire exits will be clearly marked at all venues.  We allow stallholders to bring their own extension leads to plug into power supplies which will be sited within easy reach of your pitch.  You are responsible for the leads that you plug in, the cables must not cause a trip hazard to stallholders around you and must not cross a customer walkway.  Please ensure you check with an organiser before securing a cable to the floor so that no damage is caused to the venue flooring.  We will walk the space prior to an event opening and any cable deemed to be a hazard to others will be moved by us.  We advise that these power cables should be PAT tested.  Stallholders are responsible for advising us immediately, at any point during an event, of any fire risk or health and safety hazard. All power cables must be left unplugged overnight and any power source switched off overnight.  No naked flames are allowed at any venue.   We do not allow stallholder dogs at any of our events.

Fire Kettle events cannot be held responsible for any criminal activity during the course of an event or whilst your possessions are at the venue.  

We are happy for you to leave your stall and contents at the venue overnight when you are booked in on consecutive days.  However, your property is left entirely at your own risk and we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage.  We recommend that you place a waterproof covering over the stall at the end of trade and remove all delicates/valuables/cash.  We remain on site until all customers and stallholders have left the venue building.

Any damage caused to third party property will be the responsibility of the person causing the damage.

You must ensure that business is conducted in a professional manner and that you do nothing that would affect the reputation of the event or interfere with other stallholders or customers in any way.  We reserve the right to ask any exhibitor to leave the site who behaves in a way which we deem inappropriate.  Our decision will be final.  

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