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What to expect at Coolings

We have been running both antiques and craft events at Coolings for a number of years.  Coolings is a nationally famous nursery (note I didn't say Garden Centre, this site is primarily growers and plant experts), having won many accolades over the years.  We are located in a huge glasshouse at the rear of Coolings' Rushmore Hill site - it is well sign-posted from the main entrance.

The dealers are hand-picked to offer a wide variety of interesting antiques and collectables and visitor entry is entirely FREE.


Just Saturday/Sunday 12-13th October remains for 2024, open from 10 - 4pm.  PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS NO EARLY ENTRY FOR ANY VISITOR.


Your visit

Most dealers will accept cards, but bring cash just in case they can't.  Up to £50 cash-back may be obtained from Coolings main tills (not the cafe) by making a small purchase with a debit card.  Alternatively, the nearby Esso garage has a cash point.

Remember, we are in a glasshouse.  It is very light, but can also vary in temperature when the sun goes in and out, so wear layers to be comfortable. 

We are a good distance from the entrance, so if you have trouble walking, Coolings hire out wheelchairs free of charge from the main reception.

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